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2015 Prepared Talk Proposals

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'''Talk Proposals'''
== Getting ContentDM and Wordpress to Play Together ==
* [[User:SeanHendricks|Sean Q. Hendricks]],, Clemson University
Clemson University Libraries has a very strong program for digitizing and archiving photographs, and the Digital Imaging team processes many hundreds of photographs every month. These images are managed using different methods, including ContentDM, a digital collection manager.
ContentDM provides various methods for searching and displaying photographs, along with their metadata. However, recent initiatives have resulted in the need to leverage those collections into exhibits displayed on other library-related websites, such as our Special Collections unit. The Clemson Libraries has invested heavily in Wordpress as our content management system of choice, and it seemed most efficient not to have to export and import images into our Wordpress sites in order to provide exhibited images.
Fortunately, ContentDM has provided an API to many of their functions, allowing the extraction of metadata and even rescaled images through URLs. This project has been developing a plugin for Wordpress that integrates with ContentDM through shortcodes that Wordpress editors can easily include in their content. These shortcodes allow editors to choose how many images, which images from which collections, thumbnail sizes, etc. to display in different gallery styles. Plans are for it to allow integration with different plugins such as Fancybox and Masonry.
In this presentation, I will demonstrate the current state of the plugin and discuss future plans.
==Refinery — An open source locally deployable web platform for the analysis of large document collections==

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