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Keynote Committee Duties

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The conference is able to cover your expenses, including airfare, lodging at the conference hotel, and meals. Additionally, we would like to offer you a <nowiki>{{monetary sum}}</nowiki> honorarium as a token of our gratitude. We know that preparing for a keynote presentation is a lot of work and we would be deeply grateful if you are able to add your perspective to our community.
Code4Lib <nowiki>{{year}}</nowiki> will take place from <nowiki>{{date range}}</nowiki> in <nowiki>{{location}}</nowiki>. We are scheduling two invited talks, and we would like to open our first full (<nowiki>{{date}}</nowiki>) and last (<nowiki>{{date}}</nowiki>) days with one apiece. If you are available, please let me know if either or both of those days could work. Of course, you are welcome to attend as much of our event as you would like.
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions at all. Thank you so much for considering our invitation. I hope you are able to accept.

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