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PBCore RDF Hackathon

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<br>Noon - 1pm – Lunch on your own.
<br>1pm - 2pm - Generate a comprehensive list of terms that are needed in the ontology. Snacks and coffee will be served.
<br>2pm - 4:45pm - Begin developing the class hierarchy and defining properties of concepts. Use existing classes from other ontologiesvocabularies and harness EBUCore data model when appropriate.
<br>4:45pm - 5pm - Review and wrap up.
<br> 8:45am - noon - Continue working on class hierarchy and properties
<br> noon - 1pm - Lunch on your own
<br> 1pm - 3:00pm -- Define the facets of the properties (value type, allowed values, number of values/cardinality, and other features). Keep Review facets of existing ontologies in mind. Do they meet the needs of PBCore users?
<br> 3:00pm - 4:30pm -- As a larger group, review progress and suggestions of smaller groups
<br> 4:30pm - 5pm -- Return to smaller groups, make suggested edits, finalize documentation

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