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PBCore RDF Hackathon

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== Suggested Reading & Preparation ==
* Sign up for a Code4Lib wiki account (if you don't already have an account)
* Sign up Everyone should read at least the first chapters of the Allemang book, Semantic Web for a WebProtege accountthe Working Ontologist: http://protegewww.stanfordworldcat.eduorg/title/semantic-web-for-the-working-ontologist-effective-modeling-in-rdfs-and-owl/oclc/73393667* Everyone should understand the RDF meaning of classes, properties, domain and range before beginning. (cf:
* Review PBCore Schema:
* Read this awesome Ontology Development 101 publication:
** DC Terms:
** FOAF:
== Tips and Advice from the Community ==
==== from Karen Coyle ====
* Don't lean too heavily on Protege. Protege is very OWL-oriented and can lead one far astray. It's easy to click on check boxes without knowing what they really mean. Do as much development as you can without using Protege, and do your development in RDFS not OWL. Later you can use Protege to check your work, or to complete the code.
* Develop in ntriples or turtle but NOT rdf/xml. RDF differs from XML in some fundamental ways that are not obvious, and developing in rdf/xml masks these differences and often leads to the development of not very good ontologies.
== Need more info? ==
If you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact Casey Davis at casey_davis [at] wgbh [dot] org.

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