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Mentorship Program

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Mark Eaton - I'm an academic librarian learning Python and Javascript. I'm at the point where I'm writing my own working scripts, but I could really use some input to make them better. I'd also welcome guidance on how best to build on what I've learned so far.
Megan Kudzia - I'm a Web Developer/Designer librarian and have been for the last four years. My long-term goal is to be a full-stack developer (which I realize will take years!) and I'm interested to know if there are others out there who want to work together toward that same goal? I'm currently strongest at front-end design and development (HTML, CSS, basic PHP), and I'm gradually working my way back "down" the back end (server and network administration, database management, etc.). I'm also interested more immediately in management (project, time, human). I seem to be accumulating student workers and interns so I'd love to share knowledge with others on what's working for them to scale up human management.
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