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Mentorship Program

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[ Mike Giarlo] - I've been in various IT positions in academic and research libraries for 17 years, during much of which I have concentrated on digital libraries and repositories. My most recent programming experience has been with Ruby on Rails, working as an active member of the Hydra project for Penn State since 2011. Coding isn't my superpower, though; if I have any superpower, perhaps it's that I've found ways to be successful as something of a conduit or a polyglot, which started when I built on my IT background by getting an MLIS. On an average work day, it's not uncommon for me to get into a nitty-gritty tech discussion with our software developers and DevOps and an hour later be chatting with a dean or a director about technology strategy or library services. Perhaps I can help you take your career in this direction as well.
[ Terry Brady] - I have built metadata management and data conversion software in corporate, government, non-profit, and higher education environments. For the last several years, I have sought opportunities to use my skills on meaningful projects. I found the libraries/archives space to be a great place to find meaningful projects. Working within a small IT team, I know the importance of building a larger community of peers. My [ current projects] focus on DSpace, Java, XSLT, PHP, JavaScript, and SQL. I would be happy to mentor folks on these technologies or on software development in general. [ Contact Info].
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