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2015 Code4lib BC Spring Workshops
'''When''': Friday, May 1, 2015
'''What''': SFU Harbour Centre, 515 W. Hastings St., Vancouver [ Google map link]
'''Cost''': $20 + taxes/fees per workshop (note: lunch is not included)
As a Code4Lib event, we adhere to the Code4Lib Code of Conduct, which seeks to provide a welcoming, harassment-free environment. Please see the [ Code of Conduct] for further details.
=== Schedule ===
! 9-12
| Room 1
| Get your hands dirty with Data Management Plans (DMPs) with Eugene Barskey
| Room 2
| Design Essentials with Haig Armen
| Lunch Break On Your Own
! 1-4
| Room 1
| Intro to Shell Scripting: The Terminal Does Not Hate You with Alex Garnett
| Room 2
| If you build it, will they come? Best practices for managing an institutional repository with Lisa Goddard, Don Taylor, Tara Stephenson
=== Session Descriptions & Speaker Bios ===
==== Friday May 1, 9am-12pm ====
Room: 1
* Workshop: Get your hands dirty with Data Management Plans (DMPs)
* Speaker: Eugene Barskey
''Description:'' In this 3 hrs session, we will start with a general overview of data management plans (DMPs) and best practices for research data management. We will introduce DMP Builder – the collaborative Canadian national tool to create DMPs and integrate them into grant and ethics applications. After reviewing the DMP basics, our attendees will work in small groups on an assigned research data scenario (example - The groups will be creating a real data management plan and using online DMP Builder software to prepare the case for funding submission. At the end of the session, we will reconvene to share experiences and learn from each other.
''Bio:'' Eugene Barsky is the Research Data Librarian at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He is interested in engineering information, data management in the physical sciences and has published extensively in the library literature.
Room: 2
* Workshop: Design Essentials
* Speaker: Haig Armen
''Description:'' TBD
''Bio:'' Haig Armen is an Assistant Professor of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and a designer living in Vancouver, Canada. For a number of years Haig has been exploring the intersection of art and programming, focusing on the areas of data visualization, gestural interfaces and wearable technology. His research centres around designing Meta Products – network-enabled objects and design-led entrepreneurship. As a producer of CBC Radio 3′s groundbreaking online magazine during 2001-2005, Haig created editorial and design strategies that have earned CBC international accolades. Haig has had the honour of winning a variety of awards throughout his design career, including three Webby Awards, two Prix Italia for Web Arts and Drama and a Gold Medal from the Art Director’s Club of New York to name only a few.
==== Friday May 1, 1-4pm ====
Room: 1
* Workshop: Intro to Shell Scripting: The Terminal Does Not Hate You
* Speaker: Alex Garnett
''Description:'' Have you ever had to use a command line interface before? Was it to do one specific thing that you needed and didn't understand particularly well? Did you enjoy the experience? Did you nervously make a joke about DOS? Does reading the word "DOS" right now make you nervous? Are you a nervous person?
This workshop will teach some of the particularities of working in a modern bash shell, connecting to external servers, using some helpful command line programs you probably don't know about, and generally making the entire terminal experience much more pleasant for you than it probably is right now. Highly recommended for amateur programmers who have started learning a language or two but still hate hate hate not being able to use their mouse and a nice GUI for certain things. The gun* is good. The mouse is evil.
* The gun is a bash shell in this analogy.
''Bio:'' Alex is a Data Curation and Digital Preservation Specialist at SFU Library. He is extremely verbose in real life, but not when programming, which is why he loves shell scripting, since it lets him type little nonsense invocations like $ ps aux | sed -e $(echo "s/.*/man paps/g) which better programmers would tell you are both useless and unintelligible. He believes that the world is full of suffering and that everyone should learn regular expressions.
Room: 2
* Workshop: If you build it, will they come? Best practices for managing an institutional repository
* Speakers: Lisa Goddard, Don Taylor, Tara Stephenson
''Description:'' Many BC institutions have just heard the news that an institutional repository (IR) is imminent for them. Others already have an established IR but feel that it’s time for a spring polish. In either situation, you will benefit from hearing 3 experts speak about their experiences managing an IR. Presenters will touch on variety of topics during the 3 hours including policy development, content recruitment, metadata, staffing, and copyright. This workshop will offer a chance to hear what worked, and what didn’t work, at three university libraries. It will also be a great chance to share concerns and best practices with others in the province who are dealing with the challenges of establishing an IR.
Lisa Goddard is the Associate University Librarian for Digital Scholarship and Strategy at University of Victoria Libraries. She holds degrees from Queen's, McGill, and Memorial University, and is currently completing an MA in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta. Lisa's research interests include open access publishing, semantic web technologies, digital publishing & preservation, and digital humanities. Lisa was previously the Scholarly Communications Librarian at Memorial University where she implemented and managed the Eprints research repository.
Donald Taylor is the Simon Fraser University Copyright Officer and also coordinates Summit, the SFU digital research repository at the Simon Fraser University Library and oversees Interlibrary Loans. Although copyright is his main focus, he still maintains a deep interest in Open Access and the use of IRs as grey literature repositories.
Tara Stephenson (coming soon)
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