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Friday May 1, 9am-12pm
* Workshop: Get your hands dirty with Data Management Plans (DMPs)
* Speaker: Eugene Barskey
''Description:'' In this 3 hrs hour session, we will start with a general overview of data management plans (DMPs) and best practices for research data management. We will introduce DMP Builder – the collaborative Canadian national tool to create DMPs and integrate them into grant and ethics applications. After reviewing the DMP basics, our attendees will work in small groups on an assigned research data scenario (example - The groups will be creating a real data management plan and using online DMP Builder software to prepare the case for funding submission. At the end of the session, we will reconvene to share experiences and learn from each other.
''Bio:'' Eugene Barsky is the Research Data Librarian at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He is interested in engineering information, data management in the physical sciences and has published extensively in the library literature.
Room: 2
* Workshop: Design EssentialsUser Experience Fundamentals
* Speaker: Haig Armen
''Description:'' TBDWhether you are creating a website, an interactive book, game, mobile app, networked device, installation or responsive space, the most important differentiators always ends up being the user experience. The UX Fundamentals course is a balance of theoretical principles and practical methodology designed to give participants a basic introduction to the field of Interaction Design. Participants in the course will be asked to solve hypothetical design problems within a design studio culture.
''Bio:'' Haig Armen is an Assistant Professor of Design and Dynamic Media at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and a designer living in Vancouver, Canada. For a number of years Haig has been exploring the intersection of art and programming, focusing on the areas of data visualization, gestural interfaces and wearable technology. His research centres around designing Meta Products – network-enabled objects and design-led entrepreneurship. As a producer of CBC Radio 3′s groundbreaking online magazine during 2001-2005, Haig created editorial and design strategies that have earned CBC international accolades. Haig has had the honour of winning a variety of awards throughout his design career, including three Webby Awards, two Prix Italia for Web Arts and Drama and a Gold Medal from the Art Director’s Club of New York to name only a few.
==== Friday May 1, 1-4pm ====

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