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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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== General Timeline ==
* Apply to be a host
* Consider your action plan
** Identify your venues for both the conference and the hotel (if different). This is critical, as you'll want to get some cost estimates from each. When we hosted in Corvallis, the campus provided the conference space at a low cost, and this made running the conference much more affordable. When we hosted the conference in Portland, and held everything in a single hotel, we had to acquire 2x the amount of sponsorship than what appears to be normal.
* Budgets from previous years
* Sponsorship info (private)
== Committee List ==
* Book Give-Away
* Childcare
* Documentation
* Keynote
* Onsite Volunteer
* Preconference
* Program
* Scholarship
* Social Activities
* Sponsorship
* Streaming Video
* T-Shirt
* Voting
* Whatever
* Wifi/Electrical/IRC
* Duty Officers
==Gender Diversity & Minority Scholarship Committee==

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