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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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=== Emails to send out Email Boilerplates / templates === ==== * [[ConferenceOrientationEmail|Quick orientation email for newer folks ==== ]] - Send out at least a week in advance before conference...   We're in the last few days before the conference begins, and for a good number of you, this will be your first code4lib. Here is some information to help you navigate through the conference craziness next week: - Social Activities<insert link to SA page>: There's a lot going on outside of the sessions, and this page has information about various gatherings, events, meals, etc. One activity I want to highlight is the Newcomer dinner<insert link to SA page> that will be on <insert date of dinner>. There are still a lot of great restaurants left on the list, and this is your chance to meet folks you might otherwise not get a chance to talk to at the conference. Read the guidelines on the wiki, and pick your restaurant. (Public service announcement: for those of you who have signed up for the dinner already, make sure that there's a designated leader for organizing reservations and people herding.) - Hospitality Suite: For some of the events listed on the Social Activities page, you will see the Hospitality Suite listed as a location. This is a place where attendees usually hang out outside of sessions (or taking a break from sessions). The location of the Suite is usually announced through various means, including the wiki, IRC and Twitter. - IRC/Twitter/etc.: Speaking of those channels, you'll find many folks using the #c4lXX hashtag for conference related stuff. The IRC channel<insert link to IRC page> is #code4lib, and there will be volunteers at the conference who would be more than happy to help you with IRC. - For my last item, give the following a read:<insert links to appropriate pages> -- How to hack code4lib -- CodeofConduct4lib -- Zoia, #code4lib's IRC bot If you have a question, ask! I'll be bringing in some badge ribbons for everyone to self-identify themselves as first timers and "old timers" as well, if you're into classification and stuff. ;-) 

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