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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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* [[ScholarshipCommittee|Gender Diversity & Minority Scholarship Committee]]
* Social Activities
* [[SponsorshipCommittee|SponsorshipCommittee]]
* Streaming Video
* T-Shirt
* Duty Officers
== Sponsorship Committee ==
===Sample Sponsorship Request Letter===
As you know, Code4Lib is a group of library technologists, programmers, system administrators, web designers, and librarians. Started in 2003, the group continues to grow--with a journal, a mailing list, and an active IRC channel. Since 2005, Code4Lib has sponsored an annual conference, which has attracted programmers and librarians from around the world.
Topics at past conferences have included library information systems, new directions in library research, semantic web applications, and
information technology standards, among many others. More details about the conference, including schedules of previous conferences, can be found from
Our <> conference will be held in <> from <>. Be a part of this library success story by underwriting the conference!
We have several sponsorship levels:
I look forward to hearing from you, and can be reached at <>.
== Book Giveaway Committee ==

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