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How To Plan A Code4LibCon

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== Committee List ==
* [[BookGiveawayCommittee|Book Give-AwayGiveaway Committee]]
* Childcare
* Documentation
* Wifi/Electrical/IRC
* Duty Officers
== Book Giveaway Committee ==
Responsible for contacting publishers to see if they will donate books to the conference so we can raffle them off. Take a look at [[BookRaffle]] for ideas.
Please coordinate with Program committee as to when book raffle is to happen during the conference (as in part it depends on how many things there are to give away).
Will also need to coordinate with sponsorship/host committee about adding logos and what not to the sponsorship list if necessary.
== T-shirt Committee ==
* design should include "code4lib" and conference year in design, city optional
== MoneyBudgeting==
* [[Conference_Financial_History_At_A_Glance]]
* private conlist has budget info

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