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Code4Lib Norcal 2015

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All details are tentative! We're still sketching out this event.
'''Register''': Eventbrite link goes here
'''Date''': August 4th, 2015
'''Location''': Stanford UniversityRoom 282, Palo AltoLathrop Library, Stanford, CA — room tentatively booked '''Parking''': The closest parking to the event is on Memorial Way.
As with all Code4Lib events, we will adhere to [ the Code of Conduct].
'''Register''': Add your name, organization, and email to this wiki page
== Attendees ==
* Chris Beer, Stanford University,
* Rosy Metz, Stanford University,
== Lightning Talks Sign-Up ==
== Schedule ==
Tentative.We have the room booked from 8am - 6pm. [[File:StanfordLathrop282|thumbnail|Lathrop 282]]
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| 10:10am-12pm || Lightning Talks
| 12-1pm || Lunch(on your own)
| 1pm-4pm || Break out sessions

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