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* Parking in a UIC lot will cost $13 for a full day.
* If you're driving, there are several parking lots available (marked on the above map); I recommend the one south of campus (1135 Morgan). Note that no streets connect Harrison with Taylor, including Morgan, between Racine and Halsted; to reach the south lot, come up Morgan from Roosevelt.
 ==* '''Circle Interchange difficulties=='''** Circle Interchange (the confluence of I-90 and I-290 just NE of campus) construction is ongoing.** Construction is causing traffic havoc nearby, especially near the corner of Harrison and Halsted. The Harrison bridge over I-90 doesn't currently exist. Best to avoid this area if possible.** The Morgan street exit from I-290 has been closed for some time. [ According to IDOT]:*** Exiting access is prohibited from Westbound I-290/Congress Parkway*** From Southbound I-90/94 - exit Adams Street*** From Northbound I-90/94 - exit Ashland Avenue, backtrack east via Jackson Boulevard or Harrison Street

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