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seventh pre-conf meeting notes
* Projector, screen, tables, chairs, wifi of varying capability all confirmed for each workshop space.
== Next/Seventh Meeting ==
January 27th, Noon EST, Google Hangouts:
* Website committee - still needing speaker info? Form?
* ... (add yours here)
=== Meeting Notes: ===
* Majority of presenter registrations have been confirmed
** handful of presenters still outstanding: will give them until Monday to get registered
** Christina will ping Erin, Dan?, & Jesse to iron out details
** a few pending cancellations
* Christina will create wiki page with registration numbers
* Franklin Hall East & West may change names on program
==== A/V Review and Workshop Needs ====
* Eric will review form responses and identify unreasonable A/V requests
* Space Logistics:
** Anna will compile contact info for on site logistics
** Confirm projector for each space
** Confirm Wifi details for each space
** Attendees need to know that they should only sign in to Wifi with one device
** Electrical outlets / extension cords / power strips
** Each space has an A/V contact for help day of
*** CHF has A/V support
*** Franklin Hall
**** developer (can provide support for A/V booth in hall)
**** local institutions will be providing projectors
*** Hotel has professional A/V staff
** Notify all presenters that they should supply their own dongles/adapters
==== Wait List ====
* has (mostly) been resolved
* send room confirmation info to Kathy to resolve outstanding problems
==== Room Switches ====
* make final switch
* room capacity will be the workshop sellout point
* Christina will update the main working document to reflect most current space situation
** doc will be divided into Christina's and Eric's contacts
** this will be the last version of the document
* none of the workshops are currently sold out
==== Participant Lists for Presenters ====
* advance lists help to facilitate a successful workshop
* Concentra has attendee lists
* Workshop registration will close 2 weeks before conference, send attendance lists then
* Attendance information should be posted to website for future workshop planners
* Create page with list of resources, send with list of attendees
* encourage presenters to link to resources in addition to email information
==== Day Of Volunteers ====
* potential volunteers from wiki signups
* Make sure people know where to go, shepherding to the right space
* Anna will talk to Luke about maps on the website
* Main registration table will be at hotel, smaller welcome tables at venue with name tags
== Sixth Meeting==

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