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Code4lib North Meetups in Toronto
'''Hashtag:''' #code4libTO also used: the general #code4lib
===Next Meetup===
The next meetup is to encourage collaboration between different libraries to do a presentation or workshop together! It will also be a great opportunity to brainstorm possible hackfest ideas as well. You can of course just come to hang out and chat too.
As this will be a drop in session, no reservations are needed, just show up! Hope to see you there
When: Friday, April 19, 5-7pm
Where: Mozilla Toronto, 5th floor, [ 366 Adelaide West]
Suggested beery place to gather afterwards: [ Town Crier Pub] at 115 John St (just 3 blocks away)
===Past Meetups===
December 13, 2012 - [ Talk Notes]
April 19, 2013 - session to encourage collaborative talks/presentations/hackfest ideas
== Code4lib North Meetups in Ottawa ==

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