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Added info on Code4Lib North 2017
| [ Warren Layton] || A quick demo of [ LibraryBox], a wireless filesharing device, which may have interesting applications in government and other libraries where IT restrictions can limit network use.
==Code4Lib North: the Eighth. University of Ottawa May 11-12, 2017==
The 2017 Code4Lib North meeting will be held at Morisset Library at the [ University of Ottawa] We'll begin each day at a suitable time, like 9:30 am.
65 University Private, Second Floor<br />
Ottawa, ON<br />
K1N 6N5<br />
[,+Ottawa,+ON+K1N+6N5/@45.423241,-75.6863147,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4cce0507cacba1cf:0x12f3703248c59e94!8m2!3d45.423241!4d-75.684126 map].
We will be observing the Code4Lib [ Code of Conduct]
Registration is free through Eventbrite.[ Click here to register!]
*Hashtag: [ #c4ln17]
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! Thursday
! Friday
| 09:00-9:30
| Doors Open/Arrival of Coffee
| Doors Open/Arrival of Coffee
| 09:30-11:00
| Talks
| Talks
| 11:30ish-13:00
| 13:00-14:00
| Talks
| Talks
| 14:00-16:30
| Hackfest and Group Discussions
| Hackfest and Group Discussions
| 17:00
| Social (Location TBA)
| N/A
====Talk Sign Up====
Code4Lib North is a great opportunity to talk about anything you are working on or pondering about. It can be as short as a 5 min lightning talk to just through out some ideas or up to a 30 min talk on whatever you like
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|'''Name''' || '''Topic''' || '''Time (5 Min - 30 min)''' || '''Way to contact&#42;'''
| Name || Talk title and link if available || Time required || Way to contact you
&#42; Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to [ email me instead] if you don't want to enter anything here
====Hackfest & Group Discussion Ideas====
Depending on feedback we might spend some time running a HackFest/Group Discussions instead of just presentations. Add your ideas.
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|'''Name''' || '''Idea''' || '''Way to contact&#42;'''
| Your name here || Your idea here || Your contact here!
&#42; Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to [ email me instead] if you don't want to enter anything here.
====Accommodations on campus ====
We have requested a block of cheap rooms on campus. Please stay tuned for more information on this, as well as on nearby hotels.
===Parking and Transit===
The University of Ottawa is located on the bus transitway (nearest station is Laurier). Buses accept Presto cards and cash ($3.40 per ride, $10.25 day pass).
From the airport: Bus 97 runs downtown every 15-20 mins
From the Via Rail station: Buses 92 (direction: Terry Fox/Stittsville) and 96 (direction: Terry Fox/Stittsville) run at a high frequency
===Chips and Pop===
We'll have sign ups for group lunches close to campus. U of O is a 7-10 minute walk to both Byward Market and restaurants on Elgin Street.
====Night Time Get Together====
Coming soon!
Questions and/or concerns? Please contact:<br />
[ Sarah Simpkin]<br />
Code4Lib North would like to thank the University of Ottawa Library for sponsoring our coffee breaks and providing the space for this meeting.
==Code4Lib North: the Seventh. Kitchener Public Library May 26-27, 2016==

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