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2017 Social Activities

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Play and Share, Wednesday, March 8th
=== Play and Share, Wednesday, March 8th ===
*When: 3/8/17, time TBA6:30 pm - 10:30 pm*Where: TBAKerckhoff Hall ('''tentative''')
Play games? Have some homemade (or “homemade”) treats to share? Want to find folks to play music with? We organized a large open room near the conference center with plenty of space for attendees to gather and socialize, play games and share goodies. We will provide tables and chairs for Board Game Night and some space for jam sessions. You are also welcome to bring stuff to share, from craft sodas and beers to baked goods to local treats - we’ll have a few tables set up for that as well.
====List of Games====
* game title, who will bring it, any other info about the game
====List of Goodies====
* brand, flavor, allergen alerts (if any)
== Social Map - Places of Interest==

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