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2017 Social Activities

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List of Games
* [ Blood Bowl: Team Manager], Matt Sherman, a game of fantasy football (i.e. orc and elves) representing managers running their teams trying to get the most fans in a season.
* [ Exploding Kittens], Linda Ballinger, can include Imploding Kittens expansion pack.
* [, Basari: The Card Game], Jon Gorman, A fun quick game where you seek to wheel and deal to get majorities in gems
* [, Nyet!], Jon Gorman, An interesting trick-taking game played over multiple rounds where each round people determine what the rules will be for the hand. (Note, this is the old 1997 version, not the pretty new one.)
* [], Jon Gorman, a nice game where you are manipulating a line of cards trying to take the least amount of points possible. (Using a rage deck)
* [], Jon Gorman, Probably my favorite-trick taking game. Dirt simple: everyone chooses a pain color. Cards taken in that suit are face-value negative points, other cards are single points. (rage deck)
====List of Goodies====

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