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2017 Social Activities

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Location/Time change
=== #LibTechWomen Meet-Up, Wednesday, March 8th ===
[Please note '''TIME/LOCATION CHANGE; it will be a cab ride of 30-45 min.''' below]
* When: Wed. 3/8/17, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm* Where: '''Yard House6-8pm''' **13455 Maxella Ave, (Villa Marina Marketplace Mall), Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 822-7690**We have a HEATED PATIO reserved for "Code for Libraries."* We will meet at Where: Please see your '''5:30 pm at email invitation for the lobbylocation''' to head out in multiple groups. Feel free to leave earlier to beat - you will receive it 3/7 if you signed up for the trafficmeet-up. ** We There will probably use Lyft to get there in multiple groupsbe drinks and light snacks provided. '''So please install the Lyft app No dining service on your phone in advance for fare share or bring cash!''' (A bus option is available but it would take longer and requires a transfer-site unfortunately.) * Sign up herenow closed: []
* Questions: Contact Bohyun Kim - @bohyunkim in Twitter/Slack/IRC

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