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2018 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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9:30 am: Scott Williams - Recovering from a failing technology project: Williams will share experience at the Digital Public Library of America with confronting a troublesome project and how they were able move forward in a positive way for all staff members. ​
[ Link to Scott Williams presentation slides]
10 am: Break (Whiteboard breakout session ideas)
3:30 pm: Stephen Cassidy and Jason Michel - Building Discovery Layers: a Modern Approach: In this presentation we will discuss how the Ohio State University Libraries built a discovery layer utilizing existing vendor APIs like sierra and EDS, created custom APIs, and rendered results via the Vue javascript framework.  We will discuss all layers of the project: Node.js, Elasticsearch, Vue.js, Lexicon (our custom built API environment), Drupal and more.
[ Link to Stephen and Jason's presentation slides]
4 pm: Lightning talks and day closing announcements

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