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2018 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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11:15 am: Glen Horton - Mindful Coding: How does writing or reviewing code make you feel? Stressed? Fatigued? Anxious? Things like deadlines, project overload, and work environments can have a big impact on how developers feel when they interact with code. How can developers focus their attention, create better products, and increase their overall well-being all at the same time? Mindful coding. Mindfulness has been used to reduce stress and increase the quality of people's lives and it can be used during development as well. Glen will share the mindful approach he takes to writing and reviewing code at the University of Cincinnati Libraries. Learn how being present in the moment, focusing, and empathizing with users can lead to a better product and actually be therapeutic for the developer.
[ Link to Glen Horton's presentation slides]
11:45 am: Wrap-up announcements / survey link

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