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===Transportation/Food===Coming soon . . .<!--Are you traveling from Victoria or the Lower Mainland? Are you interested in sharing transportation?  Contact: TBD Do you have any dietary restrictions? Please let us know by filling out this [ open?id=1CA7MCh63ko70LVdEPFkq6IiGryKQifR7DkMeVgsH7-Q survey]
Transportation to Nanaimo from the mainland is best made by ferry to Departure Bay, or by seaplane/helijet
*[ Harbour Air Seaplanes to Nanaimo] from YVR or down town Vancouver
*[ Helijet to Nanaimo] from YVR or down town Vancouver.
*[ Tofino Bus] and [ IslandLinkBus] from Victoria and Other Island Locations to Nanaimo.  Also, if you are interested in locating a carpool from Victoria to Nanaimo please say so in the transportation surveycontact: TBD.-->
Coming soon . . .

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