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This year's C4LBC will be held in Nanaimo, BC, and jointly hosted by the University of Vancouver Island and Vancouver Island Regional Library. Again! The Thursday events will be held in downtown Nanaimo at VIRL's Harbourfront Branch. Friday's activities will be held the the VIU campus. This year's organisers are trying hard to make everything as easy as possible for mainlanders travelling to the island, so stay tuned for details on transportation, accommodations, and much more.
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=== What's it all about? ===
===Lightning Talk Proposals and Breakout Suggestions===
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Is there a neat project you've been working on, a cool new tool you want to show off, or an interesting development in the world of library technology that you want to discuss?
Submit your [ open?id=1wNArZcn96DzDLSO_2UOukPS049c3gJ772kcPldrh8KI lightning talk/breakout suggestion]  See what's already been [>t0 submitted]  

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