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Southeast 2019

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Call for Proposals
=== Call for Proposals ===
The call We are seeking presenters for Code4Lib Southeast 2019 at the NC State University Libraries in Raleigh, NC. We are accepting proposals will open in Spring 2019! An email containing more information for:* Presentations (15 minutes)* Lightning talks (5 minutes) Breakout sessions will be sent organized on the day of the conference.  Prepared talks should focus on one or more of the following areas: * Projects you've worked on that incorporate innovative implementations of existing technologies or development of new software* Tools and technologies: How to get the most out of existing tools, standards, and protocols (and ideas on how to make them better)* Technical issues: Big issues in library technology that are worthy of community attention or development* Relevant non-technical issues: Concerns of interest to the Code4Lib Southeast and Code4Lib mailing listscommunity that are not strictly technical in nature, e.g. collaboration, diversity, organizational challenges, etc. Use the [ online proposal form] to submit your proposal. The deadline for proposals is '''Friday, March 22, 2019'''. Please send any questions to
=== Schedule ===

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