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2020 Streaming Video Documents

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Streaming channel: [ Code4Lib - YouTube]
== Remote Presenters ==
Code4Lib will be using [ Zoom] for remote presenters.
In addition to the software, having the proper audio setup is key for a successful presentation.
* '''Microphone''': The best option is a headset or earbuds so a microphone is close to your mouth. Built-in laptop microphones are okay, but using them will make it harder for the audience to hear you.
* '''Speaker''': A headset or earbuds are required. ''Do not use your computer's built-in speakers.'' The echo cancellation software is designed for small rooms and cannot handle the delay caused by large ballrooms.
You can test your setup with a [ test Zoom call].
Plan to connect to the Zoom meeting 30 minutes before your talk to work out any connection or setup issues.
=== Remote Speaker Schedule ===
{| class="wikitable"
|+ Code4Lib 2020 Remote Presenters
! Presenter !! Date/Time !! Talk Title !! Zoom Meeting
| Jen Diamond || Monday, 11:05 || [ The Agile Librarian or The Library Dev Shop] || (A) ||
== Encoding Setup ==
Video sources;

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