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2020 Streaming Video Documents

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Remote Presenters
You can test your setup with a [ test Zoom call].
Be sure your microphone and speakers are set correctly in Zoom.
Also try sharing your screen on the test call so you understand how to start and stop screen sharing.
The audience will see everything on your screen, so quit/disable/turn-off notifications that come from chat programs, email clients, and similar tools.
Plan to connect to the Zoom meeting 30 minutes before your talk to work out any connection or setup issues.
| Jen Diamond || Monday, 11:05 || [ The Agile Librarian or The Library Dev Shop] || (A) ||
=== Streaming team checklist with speaker prior to talk ==
¤ Check presenter's microphone level and sound quality
¤ Check presenter's speaker and ensure there is no echo
¤ Test screen-sharing (''start'' and ''stop'') with presenter
¤ Remind presenter to turn of notifications from chat programs, email clients, etc.
== Encoding Setup ==

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