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Umlaut Technical Overview

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Priority defines what order the services will be run in. 1-9 are foreground services ordinarily executed before a response is returned to the user. a-z are background services run after a response is returned to the user. Two services sharing the same priority will be run concurrently (but see the config.app_config.threaded_services config param).
Services defined in services.yml may have other service-specific parameters too, for instance commonly a password or api_key giving you access to the foreign web service. Note that a Service is not actually an ActiveRecord stored in the db. Instead, it is a definition in services.yml, which involves an adaptor class (which is not an active record). Service definitions are loaded in on demand--and their adaptor classes instantiated--by the ServiceList singleton class.  For more on how to write service adaptor classes to implement new services, see.... TBD.

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