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Umlaut Technical Overview

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Services are grouped together in Institutions. An Institution represents some particular class of user. It could be a particular location or affiliation, but it really could be any other class of user too.
Institutions are defined in $umlaut/config/umlaut_config/institutions.yml (sample in config/umlaut_distribution/institutions.yml-dist ). An Institution definition is basically a unique identifier and a list of services attached to that institution.
Hypothetically, there will be many ways for a given incoming request to get associated with an Institution: by IP range, by user preference, by attribute from an enterprise directory associated with a user account, etc. An incoming user can be associated with one or more institutions.
However, at present, pretty much the only way for a user to be associated with an Institution is if it's a default Institution! So the only Institutions are default Institutions at present (there can be more than one default institution). This architecture has room for expansion.

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