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Umlaut Technical Overview

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Institutions are defined in $umlaut/config/umlaut_config/institutions.yml (sample in config/umlaut_distribution/institutions.yml-dist ). An Institution definition is basically a unique identifier and a list of services attached to that institution.
While Institutions are defined in the institution.yml config file, certain attributes of the Institution are ALSO stored in the database for quicker lookup (This may or may not make sense, but is a legacy design). After editing the institution.yml file, a rake task should be run to sync the info to the db too:
:rake umlaut:sync_institutions
Hypothetically, there will be many ways for a given incoming request to get associated with an Institution: by IP range, by user preference, by attribute from an enterprise directory associated with a user account, etc. An incoming user can be associated with one or more institutions.

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