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2012 nominations list

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[| Adam is a good speaker.] --Anjanette
==Hilary Mason==
A software engineer with From her web site: "Hilary is a computer science professor with a background in machine learning, data mining, and web applications. She is currently on sabbatical to explore real-world implementations of these technologies. She is widely published and regularly speaks at academic and industry conferences, and recently realized her dream of delivering a talk on algorithms while drinking a dry ice martini. She is an enthusiastic developer and often releases code on her personal site, Hilary is also a co-founder of HACKNY-" --mcdonald
==Bethany Nowviskie==
==George Oates==
George is the lead for the Internet Archive Open Library and has worked on the web since 1996, in a variety of roles that normally revolve around front-end design and online community. She is entirely comfortable with "amateur" metadata creation and hopes to explore this within the context of Open Library. Prior to her work at IA George was a lead on the Flickr Commons Initiative. Currently George also serves as a Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution Libraries. You can see more on her at and She has a great article about software community on A List Apart - --mcdonald
==John Palfrey==

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