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2012 nominations list

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==Hilary Mason==
A software engineer with From her web site: "Hilary is a computer science professor with a background in machine learning, data mining, and web applications. She is currently on sabbatical to explore real-world implementations of these technologies. She is widely published and regularly speaks at academic and industry conferences, and recently realized her dream of delivering a talk on algorithms while drinking a dry ice martini. She is an enthusiastic developer and often releases code on her personal site, Hilary is also a co-founder of HACKNY-"
==John Kunze==
John Kunze is a preservation technologist for the California Digital Library. With a background in computer science and mathematics, he wrote software that comes pre-installed on Linux and Apple operating systems. He has also contributed heavily to the standardization of URLs, Dublin Core metadata, and web archiving. John's recent work on "microservices" has brought a pragmatic and often light-hearted/humorous approach to the problems of digital preservation.
==Bethany Nowviskie==

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