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2012 preconference proposals

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Contact: Margaret Mellinger - margaret dot mellinger at oregonstate dot edu
=== Developing applications using REST web services ===
Been hearing about web services but don’t know where to start to build something? Have you built applications that use read services but are stumped by OAuth, Content Negotiation and HTTP Headers? Come dig in and learn how to build applications that interact with both read and write REST services. We’ll cover the basic principles and practices of REST services and discuss the Atom Publishing Protocol as a REST service and its extensibility. The group will examine and test the CouchDB HTTP API by building a simple list creation tool. You’ll learn how OCLC’s platform web services leverage Atom to expose the data and business processes from OCLC’s library systems. By the end of the session, you’ll know the basic principles of REST services, be able to perform Create, Read, Update and Delete operations via REST and be able to authenticate to REST services via API keys and OAuth.
Come ready to learn and code!
Presenter: Karen Coombs - coombsk at oclc dot org
==Half Day Morning==

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