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2012 preconference proposals

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Half Day Afternoon
Presenter: Doris Munson, Eastern Washington University, dmunson at ewu dot edu
(please feel free to contact me if you are interested in being a co-presenter)
=== Digging into metadata: context, code, and collaboration ===
Working with library/archival metadata is difficult. This preconference will tackle pressing questions and will show some of the intricacies of metadata (including AACR2/MARC) with exercises to demonstrate why inconsistencies exist in the data. What steps can the cataloging & metadata community take to help improve the quality of this data? What tools & techniques could help? Rules have evolved over time leaving dirty legacy data. Systems have impacted--and will continue to impact--data structure & design. How can this data be aggregated and refined for use in a new emerging data environments? What assumptions can safely be made and when do you need to inquire about local practice? We will end with a hack-fest where you can ask questions of experienced catalogers and get help with your metadata related problems. Bring your laptops and data.
Person Herder: Becky Yoose, Grinnell College, yoosebec at grinnell dot edu
Collaborators/Facilitators: Corey Harper, New York University - corey dot harper at nyu dot edu | Shana L. McDanold, University of Pennsylvania -
mcdanold at pobox dot upenn dot edu | Laura Smart, Caltech - laura at library dot caltech dot edu
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