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2012 talks proposals

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We do awesome work, right? But what's the best way to communicate that work with non-geek stakeholders within our organizations? I'll present some ideas on how to communicate tech with those who don't always speak the language fluently. This'll include pitching new projects; communicating about existing projects; and dealing with project maintenance and problem-solving. I'll share some tips for explaining systems changes and problems, how to use help tickets as teachable moments for you or librarians, updating documentation, etc.
== Building a Code4Lib 2012 Conference Mobile App with the Kuali Mobility Framework ==
* Tod Olson, University of Chicago, tod at uchicago dot edu
* Michelle Suranofsky, Lehigh University, michelle dot suranofsky at lehigh dot edu
Hot off the heals of the Kuali Days 2011 Conference, we thought it would be fun to take the newly released Kuali Mobility for Enterprise framework for a test drive by creating a Code4Lib Conference Mobile App.
[ Kuali Mobility for Enterprise (KME)] is an open source framework for developing and deploying applications to connect mobile devices to an institution's information resources. Applications
may be deployed as mobile websites or as installable apps. The KME framework makes heavy use of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, and builds on other open source projects like PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile.
We will discuss the mechanics of the Kuali Mobility framework along with the experience using it to create a mobile app. for the Code4Lib conference.
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