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2012 talks proposals

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We will discuss the mechanics of the Kuali Mobility framework along with the experience using it to create a mobile app. for the Code4Lib conference.
== The ARCHIVEMATICA digital preservation system ==
* Peter Van Garderen, Artefactual Systems, peter at artefactual dot com
The open source (AGPL3) Archivematica digital preservation system uses a micro-services architecture to integrate a suite of Linux utilities into workflow pipelines. It is designed as a backend tool for archivists and librarians managing digital collections and digital preservation responsibilities. We use Google Gearman for job scheduling and Django (python) for a web-based administration interface that monitors and controls the processing of files in the pipelines. The system creates standards-compliant (e.g. METS, PREMIS, Bagit) archival packages as well as a registry interface to monitor format policies. This system is designed to provide the technical component for ISO 14721 (OAIS) and ISO 16363 (TRAC) compliant Trusthworthy Digital Repositories. The recent 0.8 release is the last alpha. Over winter 2012 we are continuing with scalability testing and tuning, adding ElasticSearch indexing, interfaces for Dspace, ContentDM, XTF; all for inclusion in the 0.9-beta release sometime in Spring 2012. The presentation will give a quick overview of Archivematica's technical architecture as well as discuss development roadmap, user base, project management, community building, and preferably leave time for audience questions.
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