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2012 talks proposals

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This presentation will explore Argo's full stack, from the underlying DOR Services gem (encapsulating a number of other disparate library infrastructure functions) to its use by SULAIR developers, contractors, digitization lab staff, project managers, and SULAIR technical staff.
== The Way to Bulid C4L Activities in Your Homeland - Based on the Experience of Code4Lib JAPAN. ==
* Makoto Okamoto, Chief Editor of Academic Resource Guide (ARG) and Executive Officer of Code4Lib JAPAN,
In August 2010, We launched the "Code4Lib JAPAN", a kind of local activities of Code4Lib in JAPAN after preparation for 6 months. Since then, Code4Lib JAPAN did a great sucess and growth. Approximately, activities of Code4Lib JAPAN are divided into 4 parts like operation of orgnization and activities, offer training program, proposing some guidelines, dispatching a mission to Code4Lib Conference and selection of good practice.
In this presentation, some key facters of our sucess and growth will be explained by Executive Officer of Code4Lib JAPAN. Those key facters like getting money from outside grant, indutrial sponsers and personal supporters, operation of orgnization and activities on a self-supporting basis will be very helpful for those who are wishing to launch local activitiy in their homeland. We can offer variuus tiips to spread value and activities of Code4Lib in the world.
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