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2012 talks proposals

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In this presentation, some key facters of our sucess and growth will be explained by Executive Officer of Code4Lib JAPAN. Those key facters like getting money from outside grant, indutrial sponsers and personal supporters, operation of orgnization and activities on a self-supporting basis will be very helpful for those who are wishing to launch local activitiy in their homeland. We can offer variuus tiips to spread value and activities of Code4Lib in the world.
== "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)": Building a Socially Contructed Archive of Grateful Dead Artifacts ==
* Robin Chandler, University of California (Santa Cruz),
* Susan Chesley Perry, University of California (Santa Cruz),
* Kevin S. Clarke, University of California (Santa Cruz),
The Grateful Dead Archive at the University of California (Santa Cruz) is a collection of over 600 linear feet of material, including:
business records, photographs, posters, fan envelopes, tickets, video, audio (oral histories, interviews and music) and 3-d objects such as
stage props and band merchandise. In addition, with the release of the ''Grateful Dead Archive Online'' website in 2012, the Archive will
start actively collecting artifacts from an enthusiastic community of Grateful Dead fans.
This talk will discuss the challenges of merging a traditional archive with a socially constructed one. We will also present the first round
of development and explain how we're using tools like Omeka, ContentDM, UC3 Merritt, djatoka, Kaltura, Google Maps, and Solr to lay
the foundation for a robust and engaging site. Future directions, like the integration/development of better curation tools and what we
hope to learn from opening the archive to contributions from a large community of fans, will also be discussed.
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