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  • up and sponsoring a portion of this event. Our first stop on the cruise will be a brewery slash pizza joint and Talis has generously offered to pay for # Stop #1 will be the Asheville Pizza & Brewing Co. where we will sample 16-20 different beers and consume our delicious, alcohol-absorbing,
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  • # [ Catalog Auto-suggest using SOLR] - Jill Sexton
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  • The community will vote on proposals using the criteria of: ...2012) and stability (ZF1 has a long history and many adopters). This talk will examine some of the architecture and features of the new framework and disc
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  • ...ack of a better term). Each committee should select a committee lead that will coordinate the activities of the committee and its work with the hosting si ...drop off of books for use as door prizes at the time of the conference." I will follow up with them closer to the conference date to coordinate a drop-off.
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  • Attendance at a pre-conference will require a small fee ''due at the time of conference registration". ...ntil December 2nd. I (Adam C.) apologize for the omission and I hope this will not cause any "sticker shock." Putting your name on this list does not inc
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  • ...ittee in an effort to ensure diversity in program content. Community votes will, of course, still weigh heavily in these decisions. ...y to register for the conference. The standard conference registration fee will still apply.
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  • ...ks. Sadly, started it halfway through conference and network is flaky, but will try to go back. Jill Sexton, Mike Daines, and Greg Jansen
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