2013 breakout sessions reports

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Tuesday, Feb.12, 2013

Wednesday, Feb.13, 2013

  • CORAL meetup: Are you using CORAL -- main room center back (by Francis' recording platform) 2013_coral_meetup
  • Open Library: status, needs, and infogami as a platform for experimentation -- Room F notes
  • VuFind Update / Discussion -- main room front left [1]
  • Project Ride Sharing Board -- main room back left 2013_project_rideshare_breakout
  • Use cases, relevancy, and usability -- Room D notes
  • Lone technologists at small libraries -- Room E 2013_breakout_sessions_reports
  • Archival Description Discovery Systems (EAD+beyond) -- main room front right
  • BorrowDirect, CIC, other lending cooperatives using Relais and IndexData tools -- main room back right
  • Internally facing tools for institutional staff -- epic note fail, may be a while before I can recreate them (tshearerlib)